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Our Services

Volunteers may be called upon to assist police in searching for lost recreationalists or to help in accessing and transporting injured people if specialized skills or equipment are needed. They also support local communities during emergencies by helping distribute information during evacuations and other response activities.

Ground Search and Rescue

People in the north love their outdoor activities. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, South Peace SAR responses to multiply events of lost or missing subjects annually. Whether you're just out berry picking, hiking the ridge lines or hunting down in the coolies we will come and find you.

Our teams train hard for a good game of hide and seek.

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Medical Rescue

Our teams responds to medical rescues calls off the beaten path to assist the BC Emergency Health Service treat and extricate subjects - Teams consist of Primary Care Paramedics, Emergency Medical Responders or Advanced Wilderness Medics.

Crews may respond by truck, boat, UTV or helicopters every event is unique.

Evacuation Alerts and Orders

South Peace SAR is often tasked by local governments to assist with local states of emergencies - Assisting with evacuations of communities during flood or fire events.

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Public Education

Though AdventureSmart BC our SAR members facilitate outdoor education programs free to the public - "Hug a Tree" is one of the courses teaching children what to do if they become lost or separate from their families in the outdoors. 

Trip Planning

Trip planning should be an essential part of any outdoor adventure.

  • Where are you going?

  • What route are you taking?

  • When will you be back?

  • What equipment are you taking with you? 

  • How can you be contacted if you don't return on time?


Check out our "Trip Planning" Tab on the main menu

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